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Reports of unethical conduct of civil servants:
0800 0304

Ministry of Public Administration
Maksimirska 63, 10 000 Zagreb
Tel.: +385 (0)1 235 75 55
Fax: +385 (0)1 235 76 07

Working hours
Monday - Friday 8:30-16:30

PIN (OIB): 81700550832
RN: 01789112

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State Election Commission
Official Gazette "Narodne novine"
Moja uprava (My Administration) portal
Civil Service Board
State School of Public Administration



A modern and client-oriented public administration.


The mission of the Ministry of Public Administration is permanent enhancement of the public administration system with a view to ensuring and protecting the public interest, legality of operations and provision of services which enable citizens and business entities to exercise their rights.

The Ministry of Public Administration was established by the Act on Organisation and Scope of Ministries and Other Central State Administration Bodies (OG 150/11).

The Ministry performs administrative and other professional tasks related to: the system and organisation of state administration and local and regional self-government; political and electoral system; civil status; registration of political parties, trusts, foundations and other registers established by special laws; planning and supervision of employment in state administration; professional training and development, and the labour status of state administration and local and regional self-government employees; fostering scientific and professional development of state administration; tasks of the administrative and inspectional supervision of all state administration and local and regional self-government bodies; management of resources for enhancing administrative capacity by developing a service culture in the public administration; steering reform and modernisation processes across the public administration; application of ethical principles; monitoring how work resources are used and application of modern work methods in state administration, in particular the application of computer and communication systems in work, and the introduction of new technologies in the work of state administration offices in the counties; tasks for the International Commission on Civil Status (CIEC), international cooperation in administrative law, state administration and local self-government matters; and performs other tasks related to general administration.

The Ministry performs administrative and professional tasks related to: the development of the state administration IT system; establishment of information technology and security infrastructure in state administration bodies; rationalisation of the use of IT resources in state administration bodies; interconnection of the IT systems of state administration bodies via a single ICT network; adoption of technical and standardisation rules for the use of IT equipment in state administration bodies; adoption of professional and normative foundations for the accession of the Republic of Croatia to the European Union in the fields of ICT development and application; unified procurement of IT resources for state administration bodies.

The Ministry also performs tasks related to: monitoring and coordination of projects in the ICT field implemented in state administration bodies; participation in the adoption and monitoring of the execution of laws and other regulations in the ICT field in the Republic of Croatia; promotion and systematic improvement of the construction of the internetisation infrastructure in the Republic of Croatia, public access to Internet services and contents, development of the application of ICT and the systems of e-Government, e-Education, e-Health and e-Business.

The Ministry performs tasks related to the participation of the Republic of Croatia in the work of European Union bodies in areas within its scope.

The Ministry also performs other tasks which fall under its scope under special law.

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